Mentoring and Work Placements

Getting Palestinian Israeli women into Israel’s workforce

A4U works to get women to achieve their economic aspirations through meaningful employment.

Most Arab women want to work, including a large number of female graduates, but there are many and severe obstacles in their way including widespread discrimination in hiring policies by both private employers and the government and a lack of training courses aimed at Arab women.

According to a study by "Women against Violence", 40 percent of Arab women with degrees are unable to find work – there is a distinct lack of job opportunities.


A4U Employment Program creates change for Arab women in the ARA area.


Internship and Mentoring

A4U sets up our course graduates (aged 16-18) with a summer/spring internship in a company with an industry that interests them.

Students/interns benefit from internships by gaining valuable experience, a unique inside perspective on their primary career field, which can help them in their decision-making process on the career of their choice.

Interns also have the opportunity to network with other people in the same field, while they gain maturity, confidence and the exclusive opportunity to work with specific types of equipment available only through an employer.


Are you a business that wants to offer internships and lend a helping hand to our graduates, by mentoring them for a few weeks a year? Contact us here>>>


Employment Offers

A4U in cooperation with businesses in the area, helps finding meaningful employment for the women graduates.

Local businesses and industries commit to hire a number of women from the ARA area, post graduation. This encourages the women to continue on to higher education, under the belief that their studies will not be in vain.


Are you a business that wants to join our employment program? Help qualified women find employment? Contact us here>>>