Our Story

Awareness 4U was founded in 2003 by a group of women with initiative from Kfar Qara, who sought to advance the status of women in Arab society in Israel.

We are a registered NGO with a modest staff that consists of Amna Kanane, the Director, and various freelancer lecturers and facilitators.

‘Awareness 4U’ purposefully targets women that other organizations don’t reach.

Our constituency consists of primarily traditional Muslim women, older and younger, who have been given little opportunity to think for themselves, develop individuality and make conscious choices.

We are a true grassroots organization in the sense that if we don’t reach out to these women, likely no one will. These are precisely the women that need the forums we provide to learn, express themselves, develop independent opinions, and become informed citizens.

This basic form of empowerment is an integral foundation for women gaining the capacity to articulate their rights in other spheres of life – voting, politics, government, law, economy and family life.

We have inspired and trained women in other Arab villages in Wadi Ara, including Ara, Arara, Barta, MusMus, and Zemer.


Our Mission

A4U works for progress and open-mindedness, where women are equal partners in all spheres of life, and grassroots action that can lead to social change for the women and girls in the Wadi Ara region in Israel. 

In particular cultivating women and girls:

* Leadership

* Economic capacity

* Health awareness

* Jewish-Arab dialogue.


Meet Our Activists

Amna Kanane

The Founder and Director of A4U, Amna, has lived in Kfar Qara since becoming a newlywed.

Amna defied the tradition of an arranged marriage, and went on to choose her own husband with whom she now has three sons. 

Amna founded A4U with a passion to transform gender relations in Arab society in Israel by raising women's consciousness, changing men's attitudes, and challenging gender roles, cultural practices and traditions that disempower women.

Amna's focus is on cultivating women’s leadership, economic capacity, health, environmental activism, and Jewish-Arab dialogue.

Amna: "Women are at the front of battle for social change in our society, through intense educational courses, women in the ARA villages are becoming aware of their choices in health, reproduction, education and occupation. Participants in A4U have become ambassadors to spread this knowledge through their children and the next generation – the winds of change are within our grasp" 

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Staff Members:

Ms Abira Nihayim 

Project Coordinator - Youth

Ms Raudah Mesuara

Project Coordinator - Health

Ms Hadara Assuli

Assistant Project Coordinator

Executive Planning Commitee:

Ms Hirya Abadi 


Ms. Iman Badusi

CPA, the first female accountant in Kfar Qara, now runs her own successful accountancy firm while also innovating programs in the spheres of economic empowerment, health awareness and leadership


Mrs. Heya Gezayel

Mother of four who attended some high school and who works part time as a laborer in agriculture. Her children are currently enrolled in high school.


Mrs. Yosra Nakash

Mother of six who attended some high school and who takes great pride in her daughters who recently graduated universities.