A4U 2015 Programs 

 For over 10 Years Min Ajliki has been running courses for Israeli Palestinian women and teenagers. The only organisation working on this issue in the Triangle Area (Northern Israel).


With over 900 Alumni, tens of women in higher education, and others enjoying employment.

Min Ajliki has become the fastest growing women's organization creating dramatic social change in this sector.

We are not stopping here! 

Our 2015 projects include:

* Women's Leadership training 

* Young Women, higher education and    employment preparation 

Pre-natal and genetic testing                      * Neighbours in Peace 



Israeli Arab women: Stuck in economic purgatory, without a paddle  - by  Amy Kaslow

Arab Israeli women have been hampered by a society that has accorded Arabs and women, much less Arab women, second-class status….read on…

Why cant Israeli Arab town stop the murder of its women?

Last weeks murder gives calls from activists for the police to do more....read on....

As Tech Jobs go unfilled, Israel looks to hire more Arabs. More then half Israeli Arabs live in poverty, compare with 19% of Jews... read on....

      Be A Mentor

What can you do? Join our mentor program!

You can mentor one of the young women as an intern in your place of work and other great ideas.

Women who have succeeded must make sure no woman is left behind, help pull them up the ladder to success!


“I think it is important for women to help one another” Madeleine Albright